Friday, July 01, 2011


Snapshot... Le garçon, Freeport

This is Adam, a sophomore at FU. This one is a funny story actually. At Our Lucaya last week, I caught sight of this lovely gentlemen. A friend of mine pointed him out to me and we got to chatting after he caught me sneaking photos. (No, I don't usually take strangers photos without their permission, but I couldn't resist.)

He seemed confused at first then offered to strike a few poses. I always enjoy mingling with tourists.

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  1. Anne Lilian said... 7/05/2011 7:40 am

    haha XD I snuck a photo of a ultimate french guy in paris a few months ago, it was the only time i photographed someone without permision..

  2. The Local Blogger said... 7/06/2011 5:41 pm

    @Anne Lilian: x) Oiy, the French are beautiful people! (I don't blame you)
    I'd love to go there some time! My french will definitely come in handy.

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