Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Voila! This isn't a whole lot of progress since my initial post, but I am satisfied with how it's coming along. I was forced to take a break from Mr. Newman, here, to work on a portrait I was commissioned for. Hopefully, I get done with that one soon so I can continue working on this one.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday, I must say, was the strangest day of my 17 year life.

 I started classes at the College of the Bahamas (C.O.B.) here in Freeport yesterday. No, that's not the strangest part. It's that I didn't know I'd actually be starting college.

As I recall, I registered for the Spring 2012 semester and not the Fall 2011 semester. Yet somehow did I ended up in class today (ENG 101) without one required material (besides a pen my mom had on her blouse and a folder leaf my adviser donated). In a span of  two hours -the time it took for my mom to call from her work out of the blue to tell me that I needed to "throw something on [to wear]" because she was coming to take me to college, to practically fly to the college campus,  to meet with the dean to get my acceptance letter printed, to get advised while attending my first English class (my adviser happens to be my ENG 101 professor) and to finalize which courses I would take- my whole life changed.

The thing is, I mistakenly applied for the Fall semester but, however, received a local scholarship to attend the college. My high school councilor warned me that the scholarship would be void (or something...) if I chose to wait until the January to begin college.

So, here I am, now a college freshman and an art major at that! It still hasn't completely sunk in, but it will.

And I was still getting used to being a high school graduate.
C'est la vie.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I was in the Market today and spotted the cutest little jewels for sale in a booth near restaurant Agave. Unfortunately, I was in a rush and really only had time to snap a few photos in passing. 

Maybe next time.

This entire week I've been having these undying cravings for conch salad! For you readers who aren't familiar with the conch, it's a shelled mollusc that is very familiar to the waters of the Bahamas. It's also a staple in the diet of locals here in the Bahamas -kind of like burgers and hot dogs for Americans, wine for the French, paella for the Spanish. If you would imagine, in every household, at least one person, has some general knowledge of how to create this dish.

So, after a photo shoot I did of a couple friends of mine, I went to the Port Lucaya Marketplace in search of some to finally rid myself of those nasty cravings.

Near the Count Basie Square along the marina, I found this gentlemen here, Mike, who was pleased to whip me up a tasty snack. Recently, with the weather being so hot (and humid), I tend to stay inside where it's much cooler. Normally, I would not dare to tolerate my need for conch salad (or any other craving for that matter) if it meant having to wait in the heat for however long it would take me to be served. However, the weather today was quite decent despite the few hours of rainfall which had occurred earlier.

In fact, the wait wasn't long at all (about 3 minutes) and I was more than thankful for my salad.

Okay, so what's in the recipe? It's simple enough: onions, sweet peppers, lots of fresh lime juice, goat peppers, tomatoes, salt and, of course, conch. The trick is knowing how much of what to mix together. I'm sure anyone could make conch salad but to make great conch salad, it takes experience and a knowledge of what makes Bahamian food great.

Biscous x

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A lot of the women I know have had somewhat similar experiences with this classic colour. When it's not the challenge of application, it's making it through the day or night without having it bleed so much that it makes you wonder if they're auditioning for a role on True Blood.

For me, the challenge wasn't so much the application or even tolerating the product's endurance (although, that took some getting use to all on its own); it was more or less choosing that "right shade" of lipstick. Here's a nice article that gives you a red alert on fabulous products to help you achieve that perfect red lip.

Personally, I like M.A.C's Russian Red simply because it's a stunning red and it's matte. I've noticed that one or two of the red lipsticks I used in the past were not as matte or had a gloss in them. I prefer the matte look a lot of the time.

However, when I'm looking for an equally sexy, but not as classic, lip shade, I go for my CG Outlast Lip Stain in Burgundy. Since it is a lip stain, which usually dries out your lips rather quickly, I wear it with a balm and sometimes any lip gloss with a pinker undertone, then I'm ready to go.

A plus tard!

So Festival Noel is coming up and I'm glad to have found time to begin working on some drawings that will be exhibited during the wine tasting and art show event this year.

Most of my drawings will be of 40's/50's era actors (Sinatra, Martin, Kelly, Newman etc.), and honestly, I'm really excited! A few years ago, during the opening of the gallery, I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the fifty artists whose are were showcased. I recall having made quite an impression on the viewers there, and this year I hope to make an even bigger and better one.

I don't expect to spend a considerable amount of time on this particular piece, since, for some reason, Newman has always been quite effortless to get on paper.

Wish me luck!
Bisous xo

Monday, August 15, 2011

You know those days when you just need to get away? Well, I needed a sort of change in routine -my own hors de l'ordinarie. Since, for the last 5 weeks, my morning have been spent crawling out of bed to work in a drab office downtown, I figured I'd treat myself.

A cousin of mine who's down from Tampa finally found time out of her busy schedule to hang out. She almost always stays at the Radisson here in Freeport, making there the most natural place to spend the morning.

Downstairs in the hotel's lobby is this neat little cafe that serves just the right stuff to get anyone off to a good start in the mornings. However, I settled for your everyday cup of love -Cappuccino with natural almond extract, and a shady spot outside with a decent view of the beach.

It was a very relaxing morning.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is Blair...

...and these are her nails. Cute, huh? I first noticed her sporting them at the gym last week. I couldn't believe how cute they were. Since animal print started trending, especially here in Freeport, I've seen a great deal of these fierce designs from time to time. However, I was surprised to find that, of all the variations of the popular print, Blair's was one of very few which caught my eye.

Although, quite content with my DIY nail art, I've been itching to pay a visit to her manicurist.