Thursday, August 02, 2012


Scott Schuman's having a contest! If you're a fan of his and you like giveaways, you may want to check this out!

If you haven't already heard by now, Scott Schuman over at The Sartorialist is hosting a contest with an awesome giveaway! After publishing his first book back in 2009, he's "almost ready to ship" his second -The Sartorialist: Closer. With my mention of the upcoming release, you've probably guessed what the prize is... a signed copy of your very own!

So, you interested? HERE'S what you need to do to enter.

As for me, "What was I thinking??"

I was always a fan of Liz Claiborne, even as a youngster who's body was nowhere near developed enough to ft into the woman's brand wear. Still, I was very drawn to the line of clothing. I thought it could be quite mature and pretty. Some time ago, I came across this very long, cream linen skirt that, at the time, I admired so much! I really liked how thin the waist band was and the installment of pleats about a quarter of the way down the 43 inch skirt seemed just right to me. It had four pockets: two on the sides and another two which buttoned close on the backside. How lovely, I thought. However, with all my reasons for liking the skirt, there was one that prohibited me from wearing it. It was a size 4. I wore (and still do) a size 0. Sure, I could have opted to get it tailored down to fit me, but strangely, I preferred the skirt just the way it was. There was just something that I didn't agree with about having it altered, even if it meant I could wear it.

And so, I never did. It's been sitting in my closet, happily collecting dust and days soon to be gotten rid of.


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  1. La Femme Tres Chic said... 8/02/2012 8:10 pm

    I dont know, but I like it!

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