Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In The Bahamas, hopping from one island to the next is fairly straightforward as you could imagine. Grand Bahama (where I live) is a little over 100 miles north of the island of New Providence where I'll very soon be living. No, I'm not in search of any sort of change scenery nor did I receive some sort of  unexpected calling. I'm actually being forced to move there. Well, not "forced" as in any hostile, life-threatening manner, but "forced" as in 'I need to move there if I want to finish my college studies for my art degree.' Currently, New Providence is the only island in the country where the art courses of The College of The Bahamas are available and while some students find the move to be a huge inconvenience, others (including myself) don't mind so much. Moving to NP, where the appreciation and enthusiasm for art and culture is more prominent than it is here in Freeport, should be a pleasant change for me.