Friday, September 16, 2011


Old Fashioned Entertainment... Taino Beach, Freeport

Despite living here on the island, this is actually the first regatta I've had the opportunity to go to. It's held on Taino Beach this year which isn't too far from where I live so it wasn't much trouble getting there. The food and drinks, and the atmosphere were very pleasant. There weren't too much people (which was entirely okay with me), but those who were, provided great company. 

Anyway, there's this neat little hangout on the beach run by a man named Anthony. I'm not quite sure how, but he's coined the nickname Tony Macaroni at some point and, around here, that's the name he's know best as. 

He's quite talented when it comes to dishing out authentic Bahamian cuisine and one of my favorites is, of course, his conch salad. However, I opted for that tastey guy up there. The gully wash is a favorite among many Bahamians and although they're as common as they come, Tony's is one of the best I've ever had.

If you've every visited the islands of the Bahamas, you should be quite familiar with these. They're called conch fritters. Basically, they're the equivalent of corn fritters but there's conch in these instead of corn (and they taste so much better!) 

The batter is fried which, I have to warn, doesn't serve as the healthiest of choices for those calorie-conscious out there. However, once the fritters are done, they're served with a very basic dip and are left for you to enjoy. The entire process takes about three minutes. 

Tomorrow, the juniors will be in competition which should be very exciting to watch. I do intend to spend more on the beach tomorrow (weather permitting) than I had today. Unfortunately, it began to rain and although the competitors didn't seem to mind, I didn't want to risk catching a cold.

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  1. Lyndah said... 9/19/2011 5:48 pm

    As usual, Great photography, such a shame I missed the regatta but it nice to see you made it out.

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